T1 Line Service Providers

Many people use one and yet have no idea what they are. What is a T1 line? This is a type of fiber optic phone line that is able to carry abundant amounts of data when compared to an ordinary telephone line. The lines are made of twisted copper but are gradually being upgraded to fiber optic lines which consist of bundled fibers of glass. A T1 line service can send voice or data at a rate of 1.544 Mbps. T1 lines are also more reliable than standard phone lines or DSL. Because of this phone companies give T1 lines a greater level of technical service. The majority of T1 lines come with a service agreement guaranteeing uptime, speed as well as latency. These lines for the internet are not as common as DSL or broadband connections and this is because these lines are usually used for business networks and not for small offices or homes.


What is the cost of a T1 line? They are more than a DSL diving in egypt line in fact monthly rates may range from less than $400 to over $1500 dependent on the carrier of the line. For many businesses whose business depends on having reliable and fast internet data this cost of this investment is worth it to the bottom line of their business. There are many benefits connected for high-speed internet, for instance it allows employees to be able to work faster. It can also make it faster to update a company’s website. And there are other savings when having an internet line that is so fast.

Standard DSL or standard cable internet is still the best for home use. But there are even small businesses that are now considering a T1 line as a cost efficiency measure.

Line Providers

There are many T1 line providers with AT&T being the number 1 provider. AT&T performance guarantee includes latency or delay throughout the US is guaranteed to be less than 60 ms. They also have other service level agreements and they also provide รับเพิ่มยอดติดตามไลน์ live performance statistics. The monthly fees run from $212 to $1200 and are available almost everywhere in the US. They guarantee that the T1 connection will always be up and running. T1 lines may also decrease over all phone bills because they replace up to 23 phone lines with long distance dedicated service on the T1 line in addition to the internet data.

Broadwing is another T1 line provider that is well-known and is used by many. They advertise one of a kind US all-optical network that allows for the delivery of voice, data, and video and other high-capacity bandwidth services with what they call the “most sophisticated” technology that is available. They have guarantees of 100% network availability, maximum latency of 50 milliseconds or less as well as other benefits.


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