The Best and Safest Ways to Whiten Your Skin

The most gorgeous people in the world have defining characteristics: beautiful eyes, luscious lips, shiny hair. Some of those people are tanned Brazilian-esque models, Bioderma while others are as pale as Snow White. Each year, millions of people around the globe spend billions of dollars on tanning products to make their skin color darker. Yet for some reason, people who strive to lighten their skin are looked down upon. If beauty to you means lighter skin, then you should be able to achieve it safely.


1. Acids – Using acids daily is one of the best methods for regularly exfoliating your skin, bankdeets speeding up tan removal, and lightening your skin. Be careful not to misuse acids as they can burn your skin. When used properly, acids are a wonderful addition for any regimine to make your skin lighter and younger lookin’.


    • Use peels with glycolic acid, lactic acid, mandelic acid, and Trichloroacetic acid once a week to once every 6 weeks. I recommend doing these peels at home after reading the instructions carefully (you can order them from MUAC), but if you are not careful you can burn yourself. So if you’re afraid of trying them at home then do these at a salon. Be sure to use different strengths for your face and body.


    • Use toners with glycolic or lactic acid morning and night.


  • Use lotiosn with glycolic or lactic acid. I personally use Obagi Blender on my face because it has glycolic acid in it. I then use Glytone Body Lotion on my whole body as it has a high percentage of glycolic acid in it to lighten my body.


2. Use Retin A – Retin A is the only proven thing that increases the thickness of your skin by building collagen. Use Retin A every night by mixing it with Obagi Blender. This will exfoliate your skin, ddm allow deeper penetration of the skin lightening products, and whiten your face. Do not use Retin A on your body, however, as you may overdose.

3. Use a Skin Lightener – The best ingredient to lighten skin is hydroquinone. However, do not use this ingredient for longer than 5 months a year because hydroquinone can cause skin atrophy and therefore greatly damage your skin, and also hydroquinone causes your skin to darken if used consistently for longer than 6 months. I recommend using Obagi Clear as it has 4% hydroquinone, the highest recommended strength, for 5 months a year, then switch to another skin lightener for the remainder of the year such as Skinceuticals Pigment Regulator.

4. Use Sunscreen – I cannot stress enough how important sunscreen is. Use a high strength sunscreen like Bioderma SPF 100 every single day, even if you are staying indoors or there’s a rainstorm outside. Sunscreen should be used even if you stop using hydroquinone to protect your newly lightened skin otherwise you will get hyperpigmentation. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen on your body as well. And remember to stay out of the sun! (Note: If you’re concerned about Vitamin D deficiency due to decreased sun exposure, 24dollsde take supplements with the active form of Vitamin D).

5. Use an Antioxidant – It has been proven that Vitamin C can not only slow the aging process, but it also lightens skin. I recommend using a Vitamin C serum from Skinceuticals like Phloretin CF or CE Ferulic, or use one from Cellex C. realdetroitweekly

6. Use a Whitening Moisturizer – Using a nice moisturizing and lightening cream can greatly improve your skin.


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