Stink Bugs in the News

If you read the newspaper or watch your local news regularly, you’ll have notice an increased coverage on stink bugs and the damages they are causing to the local communities. In fact, alternativehealthdirectory if you read in details, the situation is pretty grim as there seems to be no answer to control these bugs as they wreak havoc all over the country.

Increasingly we are seeing more and more states in the United Stated reported cases of these bugs and causing damages to their fruits and vegetables. These insects spread at an alarming rate and the authority can’t do much. Research is ongoing and under pressure to come out with new ways and methods to tackle and eventually get rid of these bugs.

In Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and other states, farmers suffer huge losses when their fruits (from apples, peas and tomatoes) and soybeans are being attacked by these stinky bugs. These bugs have caused on average 20% damages to the crops while in some places the damages can be as severe as 90% and that is practically a huge blow to farmers who work hard for their crops.

Ever since last year, many people observed that the stink bugs population is on the rising trend. The trend is expected to continue this year and we may have an out-of-control situation. If this really happens, many fruits and vegetables will be wiped away and farmers will suffer huger losses while consumers will have to pay dearer price as the harvest from these crops begin to drop. That is probably the last thing that we want to happen.

In eastern Tennessee, these bugs are settling down and just like in Pennsylvania, goodsandnaturals they are nuisances to the local communities and whenever there is the presence of fruits and vegetables, they will attack them and cause damages. This same pattern has been reported all over the country and the numbers is on the rise.

With researchers and government working round the clock to find ways to control and eradicate these bugs permanently, top10ratings it seems that these bugs are here to stay for a long time.

Your best bet against these bugs will be to prevent them from entering your house in the first place. This can be done by sealing any gaps and openings outside your house with a good quality caulk. If after all you’ve done and they still find their ways to your house, vpnguide then you are all on your own against them.


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